Finally~ We are going to have a long weekend break from work. Great~ I’m going to malaysia with Laily. Shall be back on next saturday.

Lester and me had duck noodles at coffeeshop before going to midnight show, Taxi, at Marina. Erm… Not as funny as what you’ll see in the preview. But at certain points, you can really have a great laugh. Haha~

As for today, slacking the whole day at orchard’s street. Hmm… Dun feel much of the festive season in the streets. Lunch at Takashimaya B2 japanese restaurant, Jiyu Gaoka Kiku Zushi Restaurant. Ordered lots and lots of food. Got Unagi Bento, Curry Udon, Kimchi Soup, Tempura, Fried Tofu. Full… Everywhere is packed with people.