I got a big fat dog at home~ He becomes lazier and lazier each day.


For those who dunno him, my big fat dog is called Pipi. He dunno all those fanciful paw-paw tricks a dog should. But if u haf a drumstick, he will call you ‘lau beh’.


Other than eat, sleep and bio zha bor, he does play some ball games. Definition of ball games: No matter what balls, so long as it rolls on floor, he will chase after it. So far so good, he did chase after others’ basketball, soccer ball, kid’s soft toy ball, ping pong ball and tennis ball. And we ended up having lots of balls at home.


But these few days really cannot tahan him. He keeps barking at us just to get food he wants. We haf just replenished his favourite delicacy – papaya and fresh milk. He wasted my effort by pouring the milk in his tray. He sniffs and walk away without hafing a sip. He barks again for the papaya. I purposely cut them up and put them into the milk. I din noe he will do this: he drinks the milk den eat the papaya. Man~ I make him do extra. Haha~ Tml sure LS one~ Hahaha~ Orbi~


But still my sayang at home~ Like a cat like tat… Super pussy. Meow~ Opps!