Today go out and celebrate Geargina’s birthday… Happy 20th birthday, girl~

Happened to bump into Calvin in the same restaurant and had quite a bit to catch up. Den we eat and we eat and we eat. We had ate at 3 restaurants for the entire meet-up. Finally saw Jackey after 1 month. So tanned and slightly ‘firmer’. Haha~

Start off the topics about the weird stuff in camp. Erm~ Some are quite hair-standing. And we haf complaints frm Serene’s job. Maybe she should haf job-hopped. Guys are still talking about their NS stuff, there is no way we can interrupt. Haha~

Walk all the way down the Orchard Road, it’s so crowded. Went to the food street at the Somerset carpark. Full of people in their queue. Just endless walking until the guys KO at 10pm (official lights off time). We met this DMMT junior, Michelle. She is ever so friendly. She approached us and told us about the attachment she is starting next monday. Think everyone feels the same when u work alone bah~ She gets a little pressurizing by the job scope briefed by the company’s in-charge. But had a quite a good chat with her.

Think onli living in a big environment like school, then you can find true and close friends.