Today is my first day at work… I always need to drag myself to work in the first day. The reluctantness to adapt to new people, new environment… I’m a pretty lazy person. Once i get settled down, i will be reluctant to change. So today, a bit nervous and uneasy at work. But that’s me~

I got this big L-shaped table, personal computer, personal drawers, etc. Quite satisfy with the physical facilities. But pantry area is pretty far from me, right across the other side of the room. My company is an insurance company. So you see gals more than guys. Haha~ Colleagues wise are still fine. Not much interaction yet. On the top of me are my 2 bosses, Jennifer Tan and an ang mo, Peter Tobb.

Did quite a bit of reading, reading of files and handbooks and guidelines. Started to do a bit of admin work for Fanny – my executive secretary. But mainly edited a web page in the Hong Kong server. Lots to pick up again…

Saw Jie Ling at Tanjong Pagar as well. She has been working in International Plaza, doing web programming.

Man~ I have been thinking whether will this job suit me anot. Veri rigid office life which i dun like, will be doing admin job, making coffee for bosses, collecting mails when Fanny is not around. But i guess these are onli excuses. What i do like is when they gif me little little programming each time to complete. At least it interests me to do up my research, and find how things work out. Oh yar~ They dun use P version softwares. So they dun haf Illustrator and Photoshop, instead they haf the other compatible one, CorelDraw. Feel so handicap. Need to learn CorelDraw from my younger sister liao~

I shall gif myself more time before i make a conclusion. So happy working for me and to everyone else… (^_^)