This is gonna be a long entry…

Today went for my first interview. Well~ This is through Wendy’s recommendation and they took around 2 weeks to ring me back.

Well~ I onli knew that Wendy has a network association with this agency when i reach the company. So indirectly, i’m getting this job through and agency as well. But there is a big miscommunication. I was told that this is an advertising company looking for graphics designer. Till when i had my interview with the sales executive, then i knew that this is an insurance broker company. So they employed me as an IT executive.

My section is rather small. Onli me, my sales executive and 2 other bosses. But many a times, we need to alias and communicate with other people in the other section. I was told that there are some politics there as well.

A little pressurising now because they had briefed me on some of the upcoming projects in mind. I’m not very well-verse in programming (and i did let them noe abt this), a lot of stuff gotta do with programming. So i’m feeling rather insecure. They do haf designing jobs as well like: designing brochures, e-cards, packaging stuff, web design and etc. But all these are rather a small percentage of the pie.

I will be starting work on the wednesday. But i do hope that i can get a postpone. See how things goes… Attire wise, need to be causal smart. Working hours 9am to 5pm. Location wise at Tanjong Pagar.

Spend my second half of my day talking to Bong. Life kinda becomes stagnent for us. Well~ I won’t mind if u labelled them as “EMPTY AND LONELY”. But we do feel the changes and swops around us. It’s really too peaceful until there is hardly any disturbance. Everyone is so busy with their life.

Thinking back of the good old days in school, when this click has just established. Man~ We are like so fresh among ourselves, trying so hard to understand one another. And one keeps saying “Whether the click will last anot, depends on whether one is wu xim.” At that time, one of my beliefs is “Friends are not your everything. Friends are not forever.” Therefore, i always rebute on this issue.

But now~ It’s either we do haf a strong bonding or i’m greatly influenced by their warmth and their sincerity, i do feel greatly for each and everyone. My sec sch pal did told me once “You are veri close to your poly frends huh?” Then i realise how much they really weigh in me… Of coz, they change me greatly and for the better.

Feel grateful for those frends who pop in to say ‘hello’ in the recent period. Gt kindergarden frend, primary 4 classmate, secondary school’s schoolmates, classmates, juniors, seniors… You people haf definitely made my day different.