These few days sibei jialiat. The moment I finished my lunch I feel like sleeping. So sometimes I do hide inside the toilet to sleep awhile.

I have a very very talkative lady boss – Jennifer. She is so much hyper than youngster like me. Laugh also very loud, talk also like bullet train, super humorous. Everytime keep telling Fanny and me where can locate the best desserts, prawn mee and all kinds of food. Like that how do I go on diet? Pengz…

The other angmo boss is Peter. He looks quite stern but funny as well. We have something like the command prompt thing in the office as well. So Fanny asked me to try on Peter’s system to checked whether did the message prompt get rebounced back. I do as she said so. I typed “Testing”. He replied “Tested”. Super funny one… Buai tahan. Then every morning I also go make coffee for the Peter. Then take this opportunity to play with the coffee-making machine. Created those foam (like you see in the cappuccino) with milk.

Then Fanny going Japan next week. Sian~ Wonder who do I eat with during lunch. Maybe Aileen and Catherine bah~ Aileen resembles my Chinese teacher in secondary school. But she very 38 one. Feel more comfortable with her especially. As for Catherine, she is giving birth the end of the October. Heez~

Later go do medical checkup. Can eat snake and go home slightly earlier. Then yesterday gave my parents a sum of money. Kinda have the responsiblity of taking care of my parents le. But this is li suo dang ran de lor. Hope my younger sisters will carry out this practice as well (coz i forsee that they wont). Zhen de hen mei you yong… (-.-‘”)