Chen Hui & Sumei’s Wedding

It’s a long dued post. 12 years of friend and Chen Hui gets married!

I have a bit more time this round, so I’ve made him a printed guest book. I encountered some problems along the way but is lucky enough to resolve them with some great people at the printing, binding shops. Also spend on crystals from scrapbooking shop.

Chen Hui employs Live Studios to take pictures for the guests, stream them live onto the screen and each guest also gets their copy of printed photos. So cool. Do away from the conventional developed wedding photos that you sent after wedding. Lalala~

Guest Book Cover
Crystals On Guest Book
Megu Stage
More Roses
A Group Of Tourists Taking Pictures With Bride and Groom
Secondary School Group Photo
Us With Bride & Groom
Secondary School Group Photo
Finish With A Toast