Greatest present for the day! The security officer found my wallet. I was contacted by my agent, Lawerence, about it… Ooow hoo! (^.^)

Go school for NSC training. Haf a nice and relax training. Received call from Lawerence and HIM. Go to the nuh security office to collect my wallet. Check out where exactly it is found. They say it is found somewhere in the main lobby, where i work, on the floor. Hmm… Found by security. Today’s work veri smooth. Really get on hand wif the Inpatient Queue, get the hand of it liao. But ganna a nasty doctor. My faith… Today, every staff tell me abt the wallet case. Telling me tat tis started happening 2 to 3 mths ago. At first start frm handphone, then to wallet. All lost but neber been found. Well… I’m real lucky. Kinda feel gulity pointing fingers at the staff for not concerning. Thinking back, they are actually rushing back to take the last shuttle bus to bona vista. So cannot blame them. Sorry…

Knock off slightly late. Rush back home to pick up my glasses and jacket. Watch movie wif HIM… Matrix revolution again. But nice lor… First 20 minutes he put his hand on my lap, my leg oso numb liao… Sian… Then i shifted a bit, at least tis brought me to a ‘normal position’. Yar… He gave me a cartoon toy flower. Hahaha~ Were eating a lot in the cinema – popcorns and drinks. He send me home. On the way… Hahaha~ Grab my hands becoz gt bicycle cuming, make way, make way… But i quickly shove my hands away… So tat i dun think wild again… Sorry gotta apologise to Laily! I neber raise up the question! Dunno why?! Haiz… I noe u will scold me… Still gt one chance, his birthday… He gt no bus home… Walk home lor… Veri near onli!

My 2nd sis waited for me at west mall wif joseph and yue zhen. I din picked up their phone… Din feel any vibrations. So they eat up my onli slice of ice cream cake. (T.T) Rush home is becoz i wanna eat my mee sua before 12am… 1 bowel of mee sua wif 2 hard-boiled eggs. Full!!! My sister gave me a hat tat i aimed for a long time. Fulfilled!

Presents collected so far:

* Photo album

* Grey bear

* Toy Flower

* Hat