Today is my third day of work, but it seems as if i haf worked for a week. Get veri close to the staff there. We are toking crap every now and then. Hahaha~

Jacky joined me in the afternoon shift, mian lobby. I try to pretend i dunno him, gif him handshakes, introducing myself. Hahaha~ But exposed lah… Sob! Sob! But pleasant to haf someone i noe around.

I’m located at one counter closest to the thermal scan. So i stare straight at the screen. Suddenly, a word pad window pops up saying:

“Hello! Lay Hiang!

How’s ur day!!!

Wo ai nie!!!”

Tat’s my shift leadrer, nura who plays such this pranks on me. I jus turn my head and shouted “ni no ‘e’…” Hahaha~ We laugh and laugh. Then she started to call me ‘Billy Bong’ (from the sitcom, Living Wif Lydia). Stupid nura! At least i find them adorable now… Hahaha~