Heez~ Thanks all to my pals! Thank you for your time, accompany and presents…

well… Basically, haf my make-up celebration for my birthday… Go where? Marina square Kenny Roger. The food portion there is real big… Many dun enjoy the food. Hahaha~ I feel too fulling. Then the staff there veri irritating. Kepp clearing our dishes when we ar estill happily chatting. Isn’t tat a hint of chasing us off??? Clever us! Find the comment feedback form on the table. Well… I still remember wat i wrote in the form:

1) There is veri little variety of food

2) The staff keep clearing the dishes when we are not done

3) The form is poorly design. No ‘poor’ option for the customer to fill in.

Sia lan rite? Hahaha~ In the end, Jacky suggest to put Johnson’s name. Blahhh~ Took photos at the STAIRS again… THE STORY SHALL REPEATS. Go esplanade as usual, rooftop. Unfortunately, it started to drizzles. We rushes our way to Suntec City n.y.d.c. – which stands for new york dining cafe… Hmm…

My favourite is still my drink. Lemon sobet thingy. Can’t remember the exact name actually. And erm… Another favourite! The grey elephant sitting at the latch of the display. Hug it, play wif its nose, its hands… Cool! And on and off we are into topics like ghost and SP’s haunted areas… Goosepimples~~ My pals bought me an oreo cheese cake. Nice and yummy!

Kinda gotta apologize if i neglect any one of them. Coz yesterday’s grp seems a lot bigger than the usual days. Dunno is illusion or there are really a lot of people… Hahaha~ But i do noe i din haf enuf individual chats wif all. Really!

Did mention something about relationship wif Gear on the way back. Whoa… Everyone has their own problem. And her’s is like a pile of problems lor… Finally learn something from her… Sometimes you need to sit down and think: is this time round LOVE or LUST?!

And we both believe tat we will treasure the ones whom we love most rather than those who love us… It’s the feelings, u see? And we both find a veri strange mindset. Why guys like to grab hold of a girlfriend before they going into ns? Isn’t tat selfish? Is not we gals will run away or stuff or temptations and other issues. But do u see tat when u get chances to come back home, of coz ns men wanna to stay at home and rest. So, wat we gals do? Accompany u at home watch tv ah? First few times is still fine. Long term wise… I dun think this works out! Dun understand! Dun understand! Just dun understand! I’m pretty selfish actually. I need my own space and time. I need some time to slack on my bed, watch my favourite tv show, eat my mum’s cookings, play wif my dog and sleep… So someone wanna me to do all those companing stuff? Forget about it! Im a typical career woman, career first.

Dunno who can toleerate me…Hahaha~