On sunday, went out wif my sec sch frendz, 2 of them actually. Meet out for a chat and eat… I can’t imagine i haf never meet up wif them for the entire 6 mths. It’s long for me and i’m missing them damn lot.

Stupid us! Go to PS and found out that there wasn’t any Seoul Garden. So quickly change the venue to Taka, Level 5 – my favourite Seoul Garden. Heez~ As usual, eat and talk and talk. Guess my expression was real serious or sian tat my frend commented tat i’m tired or stuff lah… Basically, i jus din laugh tat much as the usual. Chen Hui! You din make me laugh leh… Ur jokes tui bu le… Kinda miss all those BIG laughs. Used to laugh until i sound like ‘hei gu’ (asthma), but tat sunday is rather a quiet one. Lots of talk actually.

And we even brought up our issues about hiking. Hmm… My schedule is rather packed currently. Still thinking when would i haf a time to get myself EXPOSED to the sun. Those skin under the clothes is rather yellow. Erm… It’s YELLOW! Rather sicky color. And long time neber where nice nice liao… Sian… Got all those bare-backs, low-cuts, spagetti-strips lying quietly in my wardrobe. Heez~ Haf been wearing tee-shirts all the time. I’m getting mad… Perhaps go for a swim, a jog, a gym, a blading, a badminton match wif sis outside, somedays, sometimes…

As for today… Heez~ I saw CYNTHIA… I frightented her of coz. Toking mei da mei xiao wif her. Think zx will miss her like i do. Hahahaha~ Same old her! Hair longer lor. But untidy sial. I haf been thinking abt Cynthia the whole day oso. And her sudden apperance, frightened me either. Shock!

Rather happy day. Get even closer to some of the staff again. Jus happy. I like to play ard, mix ard. So…. Pretty pleased tat they treat me like how i treat them. Easily contented person.

Lastly, haf been writing my personal diary veri often now. It’s like almost everyday. Hmm… Jus appreciated my life as it is now… Oh yar… I wanted to use one of my 3 birthday wishes. Basically, i want more sleep…zzzZZZ