Batman Begins

Meet up with Xing Cai for dinner, duck noodles, in the neighborhood coffee shop. Can’t stand the scene when he starts cleaning his sweats from the forehead with his hands. “Tissue please~” i said. Getting a little particular about hygienes recently. Had a chill-out at West Mall’s coffee bean. Talk about his current job in Ritz-Carlton, and his embarrassing situation at his ex-girlfriend’s 21st birthday party. We left around 9:30pm while he meet another girl. Humph~

Catch Batman Begins in Plaza Singapura in the noon. A long movie to me. Visual, plots, sound effect, scenes set-up, characters, thumb up. Shall be waiting for it’s sequel with the joker. Heez~ Today is a no transport day, so we walked. Bought a Bata’s black sequins sandals for $14.95, an additional $5 off if i buy it earlier in the week at Great World City. Took a bus back to Lester’s house and i fall asleep on the journey back. Yawnz~

Wake up only at 3pm. It’s rather late to have breakfast, neither was it brunch nor lunch. Craving for Marche, we had our lunch + dinner at Suntec. Had cream of mushroom soup, rosti, stir-fried vegetable, chicken breast with black pepper sauce, teppanyaki chicken and beef and caramel banana waffles with ice-cream. What a feast~

And somebody dunno how to clean his mouth even at his age of 21 years old. Duh… Remember what my mister told me this morning, “Look at the dustbin. The amount of tissue you used is…” Well… This is what i call cleanliness. Living with me isn’t gonna be easy. Hahaha~

Went back home and pack my room alone for 3hrs. Duh~ The amount of dust collected is yucks. And my face tingles quite a bit after all the spring cleaning. Something must have resides on my skin.