Love Song Dedication At Class 95FM

A last minute thought, to dedicate song for Lester over class 95fm on monday. Happily waiting and keeping track for the time it will be aired. I specially made a request: “*i hope my dedication can be aired around 9:30pm, because i’ll be in his car and i wanted a surprise for him.”

Nope… My dedication wasn’t chosen, but for a very good reason.

The deejay replied me in an email yesterday, saying:
“Hullo there Lay Hiang,

Sorrie cldn’t read out your dedication yesterday (monday)…was away on an overseas assignment!

So…tell you what..I’ll be reading your dedication on Wednesday (22/6) night alrighty? Will try my best to time it around 9.30pm!

Stay tuned!


But the problem is, we are watching Channel U’s Superstar last nite. !@#$%^&* (-.-‘”)