Organ Donation Pledge Form

On my journey to Raffles MRT station, i passed by the underground Raffles Link. There are 2 ang-mos dressed like an flight attendant, holding signboards and shouted: “Welcome to London!” This is one of the promotion tactics by British Airways. Innovative eh?

Celebrated Lester’s grandmother birthday at Marina Long Beach with the family. Happy birthday~ Heez~

Stay at home the whole day, a secondary school aged boy deliever a letter for me. It’s my organ donation pledge form. Can’t bother to explain to my parents. But my mum don’t agree me to donate my organs after my death.

I know the adults are pretty sensitive to such issues, especially they like to relate all these to customs and religious related practices. However, it makes me rather irritated and gets me on my nerves.

At my age of 21, i can be responsible to myself, my life. But to my parents, or to any parents, we are still a little kid.