Deuter Hip Pack

Had a fulling lunch with my colleagues back in the office yesterday. Came to this ulu ulu Korean restaurant. I won’t say it’s not good, but kinda expensive. Prices not value for the food we eat.

Had been craving for Fillet-O-Fish since sunday. So we decided to have Fillet-O-Fish for dinner at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Wanted to buy 10. Heez~ Coz i really really really love Fillet-O-Fish. But decided to buy one for each, and had other finger food after that.

Was shopping around the Plaza and Lester was eyeing for a small orange pouch. And me, spotted this orange Deuter’s hip pack. It has solid cushion supports, a number of compartments. Not too sure is there a capacity to a pouch like backpack, but it is considerably big. Shall bring that along for this coming Thailand trip and future backpacking.

Reached home before 10pm. And i was busy trying out some clothes for some events. I have my 2 sisters and Lester as the judge panels. But i really doubt their comments. (-.-‘”) Hmm…