House of Fury

Watched House of Fury at Jurong Point on Friday. It’s a comedy cum action kind of movie. Directed by Stephen Fong, fights are chorograph by this Yuan something something one. Cast includes many famous ones: Stephen Fong, Twins, Wang Qu Sheng and Daniel Wu. Funny movie but not at all a lame show. Fights and actions are incredible, something different.

Went facial with Lester’s mum at Jurong East. She has vouchers for free treatment so she asked me along. Had this essential oil customise facial. Okay only lah… Not much different.

Sunday went to Sentosa, Palawan Beach. We pray that it will not rain. Forgot to bring the picnic mat along, no choice have to squeeze in 1 small towel. Saw this china man in yellow swimming trunks. Erm… Not really swimming trunks, but it’s bright yellow underwear! It is very obscene after he came out from the water. You see through the butt. Luckily din wear spec, can’t really see the front. Opps~