Yipee~ Received the letter of notification to collect my passport le… Going to make a trip down to the Immigration Hall tml… Good good~

You guys check your SP email account bah… There is this email says:

“Dearest all third year students,

ICT Club has organized an Annual Dinner and Dance specially for you all, the third year students from the School of ICT (Info-Communications Technology).

Details for the event are as follows:

Venue : Traders Hotel, Singapore (A-Shangri-La Hotel)

Date : 15th May 2004 (Sat)

Time : 6.30pm – 2am

Cost : $55

Theme : Dazzling Night

Dress Code : Formal

Attach is a powerpoint with more details.

Thank You and Best Regards,

Mr Tan Chee Seong”

Well~ 15th of May… Hahaha~ How many of you will attend?