Wake up real early this morning to the immigration centre. Well~ Just need to get my passport done. If not, i may not be able to tat travelling document ready in time. Thank you Lester for accompanying me there so early. The process is real fast. Porceed straight to the lobby, get the a form filled up, glued ur photo, pay an amt of $60, attached the receipt to the form, drop it in a box.

Meet up wif Jacky at 2pm. Before tat, me and chan have been shopping ard, bought the tickets for RUNAWAY JURY. Got myself a techno compilation cds, 6 discs altogether. Gonna blast it at home liao. Feel so xia suai, these 2 guys are shopping kings, man… My legs get so tired easily. And i requested to sit down most of the time. Hahaha~ Pro liao lah~ I’m sure these guys have a great shopping trip today. Eyeing on this Levi’s red three quarter top. Ganna suan by Mr Jacky, “This top is low cut one.” Sian~ I haven give it a try yet, maybe i’ll get tat. Today i just dun haf the mood to strip myself in the dressing room to try out the clothes.

Happen to receive a leaflet. This is the content of it:


Everyone who feels sick must pray to God to regret their actions. Other people who do not pray to God should look up and say sorry many times. They must also help people and if they are busy they should donate money. God will clear their karma. Below are karma incurred from previous life:

Diabetes – A person who always eats more than his share of food causing people’s unhappiness and suffers ill-health.

Hepatitis, rheumatism – A person who causes damage to the digestive organs of another person util that person finds difficulty in digestion and suffers ill-health.

Kidney failure – A person who ill-treat another person until that person also had kidney failure.

High blood pressure – A person who regularly scolds another person until that person becomes sick.

Shyness – A person who often points out another person’s faults until that person becomes sensitive to criticisim and feels shy.

If these people so not reget, they will have the same sickness again in their next life.”

No offence to any particular religion groups or any individual’s belief, but all these are a total shit.

Last station is the movie at PS. I really recommend you guys to catch this. Really a good plot, plus the twist. I din really pay attention to the ending part, so kinda miss a bit. Anyway, getting the novel to read – Runaway Jury by John Grisham. This author is awsome at all his twists. But gonna apologise to this particular person, i fly ur aeroplane, din watch it wif u. But u got the book? Borrow can? I think you still haf John Grisham’s collections. Heez~