Had a meeting in the office wif boss today. We are currently engaging in another chinese cd-rom. Mainly because we are the ones drafting out the concepts, all of us are veri eager.

The rest of the colleagues are being “summoned” into the office for the discussion. Tat supervisior, the way she speaks… Cannot make it. She REALLY has communication problem, she dunno how to present herself. First thing, the speed she is talking is not appropriate. Too fast liao… Just like when someone is burning furious, you’ll sense tat he strides a bigger step and at faster pace. Same concept. She is trying to show her disatisfaction by talking REAL FAST. Secondly, her face… Dun understand why she has this act pro face? She makes us feel as if we are the fresh birds in the market, dunno anything. Basically, we behave like a FOOL in front of boss. Thirdly, she is so reluctant to accept other ideas. No matter how hard you interrupted, she will start “Yar lar… You got ur point. But…” Forever full of excuses to overthrow your ideas. To sum up all the 3 things i have mentioned, SHE IS SO ANNOYING.

More problems come in when she starts to pin point on what others say. She has made the open discussion atmosphere so bad tat i tink we are hafing an arguement. The 4 interns in the office laugh out instead. We laugh at her stupidity. The way she fights back for something isn’t important at all, makes us laugh. SO, SHE REALLY NEVER EVEN USE HER BUTT TO THINK… A leapord wont change its spots. Predicted~

Looking at the situation, and after much calculation, SHE REALLY CHANGE FOR GOOD FOR 3 DAYS ONLI LEH… ONLI FOR 3 FUCKING DAYS~ One end crying to somebody, trying to seek for attention. Pitiness~ Now? Tat same old slut…

Went Newton for dinner. I have been enjoying good food, good people, and good environment. Cool~ Laily relates a scenario which occured in Newton. She spotted XIAO QIANG crawling somewhere near our seat. She chose not to make a din. Hahahahaha~ I’m damn relief she din make a din. Coz i will run for my life~ But on the other hand, it will be not much better if i discover it myself… Had a after-dinner chat wif the rest of the click in town. Some left early. Really miss the days we are students, with not much worries, then go gai gai everynow and then. Beautiful~ (^.^)