It Just Pissed Me Off

I get really pissed off when my colleague paste memo pads on my computer screen, inside my drawer, on my keyboard or on some documents and put them in my in-tray. At times, i received her emails instead. And all these will spoilt my mood for the day.

Is it me or is she being rude?

I can’t deny, the feeling of being rebellious is there. Just like Lester who likes to ask me to get my bum off the seat and get things done quickly, the more he does so, the more i want to sit in front of my TV and do things as slow as possible. And my dad, the more he wants to wake me up from the bed, the more i want to sleep and toss around on my bed.

My mood is a determine factor for tasks to be accomplished. I believe all these “pushing factors” will affect the nature of myself. So, to reverse such process, i’ve gotta do the way i want the things to be done right? Selfish, i know~ The feeling of being pushed and pressuried is no good.