Generation Gap

Younger generation: I tell you also dunno one lah~
Older generation: You never even try to tell me, how am i going to understand?

Sounds familiar?

Generation gap has always been a problem. It has been there all the time, from your family to your elder colleagues in the office. Inevitably, communication will break down at some parts, messages are not well brought across.

People at my generation dun like to talk things out, everything keep within themselves. However, we are brought up in a way, knowing that talking may not change any situation, talking too much may cause flares and tensions between 2 parties. So we choose to bury things underneath, and always say “wo de ming hao ku” (my life is miserable). Hahaha~

We always think the elders are so inflexible, like that means like that. However, we are constantly looking for an efficient route. What I think? These are improvements. What they thought? We have not work the hard way through, therefore we dun understand the rationale behind all these “inefficiency”.

Sometimes, we are classified as reckless or impulsive while the elders are very cautious. Seriously, we are more adventurous. It’s okay to reach the dead end after much effort but somehow just can’t tolerate cautiousness. On the other hand, the elders have been through it, they could be kind enuff, volunteering to share their experience so we won’t waste our time. But we insisted “Try! Try Try!”

Perhaps the old beliefs of being kind, being courteous, what’s family values still remain. But the complications of the world and the advance in technology drift people apart and make people think that the road is not always straight and left right turns. Just like me, not that i dun voice up my views and emotions. But i no longer need to talk to a physical person, instead, the technology does the saying for me… …