Samsung X460C

Just upgraded my phone to Samsung X460C, and downgraded my plan to Suntalk 150, $25.20 per month. My Nokia 6610 in already in quite a bad shape. But now, gotta start all over again like a novice user. Took me ages to compose one stupid sms. Argh~

Had another nightmare this morning. This time i dream of a group of us, in our secondary school age, going for a camp. Huge school of us are separated into groups. We have to get to the assigned host and stay in their house.

The buidling i can vividly remember, is an old tower. Every 1 flight of stairs you take, you gotta backwards 2. Took us ages to reach. I belong to a group of 4 or 5, with 1 very close male friend, Max. It was a very old lady, with white hair all over, not tied, not combed. She briefs us on some of her house rule and we are taken to the guest room to sleep.

Several wooden planks lined up side by side, 5 of us ready to turn in. I told Max, “I’m really really scare. I don’t feel secure at all staying here.” He replied, “Never mind, I’m just beside you.”

Blanket has covered up to my eyes, barely can see. But i can feel. I feel another person’s presence, someone just beside my male friend. Then, my male friend did not even make a sound, but i feel teeth biting on his neck, and accidentally touches my arms. The old lady turns into a wolf-like monster tearing up my friend. I dare not move.

Somebody on the other side of me worked up and asked, “Old lady, what ae you still doing here? And where’s Max?” Old lady replied, “Oh~ Max has went to the toilet. I’m here to check if all of you are asleep.” I jumped up spontaneously, “You liar! You ate up my friend.” Everybody starts scrambling out from their bed as the old lady transforms into the monster.

Can’t really remember how we kill her, or perhaps, how she kills us. Kinda complicated. Anyway, was kinda tense up again.

I would have scored quite a bit if the schools allow us to write compositions like this.