War Of The Worlds

Caught War of the Worlds at Plaza Singapura. I would say the suspense, thrill and climax is there. But the ending was kinda snip short. It’s another watch-and-forget blockbuster movie. Nachos combo selling at the cinema’s food counter has a new packaging. Less hassle free, dun need to worry about any spillage.

Stroll down Orchard Road and bought quite a bit of lingerie. Many are on promotional sale. Was kinda inspired and motivated after shopping. Graphics may not be all you see on the websites, brochures, cards, and other IT related materials. It can be on the women’s lingerie. Heez~

Not only teenagers will buy those cute cute lingerie, but young ladies from 20 to 30 years above also do. Hmm… If i have such a chance, i would like to try being a lingerie designer as well. Sounds cool eh? Then i can wear what i draw. Hahaha~

We are supposed to have dinner at Taka’s pasta counter. But due to upgrading and renovation, the stall is closed temporary. Kinda miss the pasta now. Linguine + Hoki Fish + Thai Basil sauce. Temporary we will settled on The Sketches at Parco Bugis. Slurp~

Woke up quite late in the noon. Play with my ah pi before leaving to Laily’s new house. Hmm… Not that bad as she mentioned, but slightly smaller than her old flats. And by the way, she is now leaving at 26th floor lor. Damn high. Slack my day there bfore i head home. Hahaha~

Had a meeting with Beaufort Hotel’s senior sales manager. This year office conference will be hosting in Sentosa. And i got my room there too. Heez~ Quite a number of big shots will be here, so i shall be rather busy as well. Somemore, i can go to the Spa Botanica to have my spa treatment. Of course, this is chargeable to my own account. Well… Can’t afford it. Hahaha~

And we will be celebrating Geargina’s 21st birthday the next saturday. Hope to see you guys soon.
PS: Bring Zhi Ming along as well.