Fantastic 4

Suppose to wake up at 7:30am to get ready to Lester’s house. We had a date with ‘A Lot Like Love’. But “my alarm” only managed to wake me up at 8:30am. Had MacDonald’s breakfast before the start of the movie. The cinema is empty, only 4 couples scattered in the seats.

A Lot Like Love is pretty touching, but onl the last quarter of the movie is touching. The rest is pretty lengthy and narrative. Yawnz~ Can’t possibly make me sit still in my seat. I folded my legs, lying side ways, all sort of patterns to make myself feel comfortable.

After which, Lester brought his data link for his nokia phone to redeem his 50 bucks back. Yar… He got himself a new phone. !@#$%^&* I played with his new toy, K750i, and i kinda like it, had this temptation to buy. Took a short nap before meeting out with my secondary school friends.

As usual, everybody is late. But Rui Xiang and co manage to reach 1 minute after my arrival. We proceed to the steamboat venue. Shortly, Xiao C, Ding Lun, Sze Li, Jolin and her boyfriend all turned up. We also enjoyed free SAF’s planes formations above our heads and fireworks. Cool~

Due to the time constraint I had, we splited into 2 groups after dinner. Sorry about that… Hope we can catch up again. Heez~ Had some talk with Xiao C and Ding Lun at Tiong Bahru Plaza’s Coffeebean. A lot of recap. But time just flies that fast.

Watched Fantastic 4 at Great World City. Cool… Very funny movie. Most likely to have sequels. Will be looking forward to them.

Celebrated Lester’s mum birthday at Kushin-Bo. Hmm… This time round we eat much lesser. But somehow I won’t visit there again in this short period of time. This is the habitual thing bah. The first time you try all food, and subsequently, you only look for food that is good and food that you wanna eat.

Reformatted my computer because I cannot login to the internet. Stupid problem. I find it disturbing when I need to do all the IT stuff at home. I din use them, but they did. And basically, I can’t leave there more than a week. They will start grumbling.

Lester meet me for lunch at Hans. Heez~ Lovely…

Terry messaged me regarding some web hierarchy thing. Managed to talk a little on the phone after my lunch.

I’m reflecting on the trade that I’m working in: prospects, incomes, my precious work pieces. Yup~ I’m feeling tired of working AGAIN. It’s kinda sucky that you practically work with no passion. But I sense some motivation today. I like that feeling, but I guess it will end after I go home.