Steamboat At My House

Had a belated birthday celebration for Geargina at my house. Wake up early in the morning to the market to buy the food. Wait till Lester is here, zwe make another trip down to the NTUC supermarket for another round of food. Vacuumed and cleaned up the house to make sure everything is neat and clean.

My mum started to prepare some of the food after 3pm and done by 4pm near 5pm. Manage to catch a short nap before smses coming in to ask me where is my house. Shortly, Serene, Geargina, Suqin, Jackey and Laily came. A total of 7 people altogether. Thank god~ My Ah Pi is still quite friendly that night. If not, I can’t gurantee who’s finger will be bite off. Opps~

Suppose to get move our butts to Carrefour or Bukit Batok Bassar Malam, but was however too late. Ended up playing Monopoly after 10pm till as late as 1:30pm. Hahaha~ It was fun. We trade our properties among each other. Jackey got the very expensive zone of properties, Geargina gets all the 4 train stations, Suqin trying to buy all the lands in the same color zone. Hmm… We only decided to call it a day when nobody is interested in trading their cards.

We went to the newly revamp Marina Square. There are still quite a number of shops not occupied yet. Marina Square kinda look younger. A lot of boutiques, restaurants, etc. These will definitely add colors and youth to the whole complex.

We had also been to the Esplanade, there are three stages having music band performances sequentially. Only manage to stay for a while and listen to a couple of songs by this Singapore band, Serenaid. Not bad I would say. But after listening to three songs in a row, they some how sounds the same. Opps~ Maybe I’m not musically trained.

Spend the rest of my day basically sleeping. Wasn’t feeling that well. Have been LS-ing for the past 1 week, slightly feverish. Yucks…