Sad ah~ I tink i’m under lots of stress and pressure. Dunno frm where. But these are sum of the symptoms u will find in me:

1) Feel damn wear off and tired at the beginning of the day.

2) Breathe loudly and heavily when asleep. I dun really mind u call tat snoring. Haha~

3) Sleep almost instantaneous when i’m in bed. And basically, i sleep anywhere, any time.

4) I will start to do my sleep talking and sleep walking stunts.

Just like wat i stated in point 4, i was lying around on my living room’s sofa yesterday nite. But the next morning i’m in my own room. But i dun remember a single heck tat i walk in myself.

While my sis has been telling me, last nite, i carried a pillow wif me to her room. I woke her up in the middle of the nite, talk abt school related stuff in mandarin, den ended the conversation wif a wide ‘Hee~ Hee~’ smile.

This isn’t the first time… Gosh…