These few days a bit ‘guai’ wif me. I dunno why also. Not really a mood swing. Maybe because of my… *Ahem* Period… Hahahaha~

Well~ Veri quiet me. Veri impatient. Thinking quite a lot. In the end making myself so stress up, as though i’m really hafing mood swing.

Disappointment! It’s always the same thing that happen, though not the same situations but the same ‘concept’ thingy. Ppl haf been coming in and out. “IN” as in real close, “OUT” as in i lost interest in them and they lost interest in me and den “HI-BYE”.

Den i reflected on my own personalities. Should i talk less and listen more? Becoz ppl cannot stand my straight-forwardness, my direct response? Or is it my heck-care attitude? I’m not responsive enuff? I’m too cold? Or is it i look as if i will mood swing any minute? Is my time so insignificant to others tat they can spend mine as well, for me?

I’m pretty troubled. I haf a mixture of feelings. When i smile, i noe i dun mean to smile whole-heartedly. When i’m talking, i’m actually trying to balance out the number of sentences i say each day, just to make sure i dun hear thing like “a… y so quiet?”

Not that all faults lie in the others. I admit quite a number of times it lies in me.

But back to sumthing cheerful, i’m looking forward to the shopping trips… Maybe i can get all my energy recharged, my emotions tidied up.