Suffer frm some BLUES thingy. Sudden dull and moody feeling.

I haf been so afraid to go to the toilet lately. Haf been thinking abt Vivian’s encounter. I haf actually posted it in the ITP Complaints blog. But all of it wasn’t reflected. Even the comment din work out. So this is what happened:

Anyway, Vivian received a call frm sumone. She din picked up. So it’s a missed call. The missed call record shows “Frm HELL” or sumthing like tat… Not numbers, but words… So she called to check for voice messages. And there a lady said in cantonese “Sorry ah~ I’m not able to contact u becoz i lost my head. When i find mine, i shall contact u again!”

So i haf been thinking abt head flying around in my office toilet. I’m jus afraid to open my cubicle’s door after my bizness, and there, a head floating in the mid-air. Den i scare the lights flicks. Plus plus we always hear a “thup! thup!” water drip sound at the first cubicle. Plus plus water runs profusely frm the tap… Doors banging open and close… Kaoz~

Erm… U noe? U got so many horror movies’ scenes in ur mind. Even nothing really happened, u jus freak out.