New Hair Cut

I have gotten a new hair cut yesterday. I’m very very very satisfied with my new look. Tonight i will be going back to the salon to do the coloring. Thank you Xing Cai for your recommendation and companion. I did hair relaxing and a total new hair cut.

Had dinner at Harbour Front’s Noodle Hut. Food is so so. But we are basically too hungry to be picky. Settle in and talk while eating. Xing Cai pointed out that i’m less zhu guan (objective) compare to what i am in primary school. Well… I guess i’m just not too much of ‘right is right, wrong is wrong’ tone of speaking and thinking. “You are in your transition period.” he mentioned. Hmm… Sounds positive and encouraging.

I told him i’m not sure when people asked around for opinions, do they:

1. Ask for their personal references or

2. They are looking for a voice that acknowledge them and their decision made in prior.

But the point is: if people do ask for references, aren’t they have set their mind already set? Isn’t this equivalent to point 2? And they just want to hear different voices, or are they hunting for a certain reply from peers? Then why still ask? But he does make me understand that no one asks for references. Ultimately, you will be spinning round and round, looking for voices whom sing in unison with you. This is what human are all about.


Memory Landscape II