Johnson’s First Book Out

Meet up with the click in the evening because this is Johnson’s first book out day. Had our dinner at Suntec’s N.Y.D.C.. Johnson also suffered from the so-called “Tekong cough”. It shall take him some time to recover then. But his botak hair cut is cute, like a little boy. Hahaha~

Over the dinner table, the guys are on this endless ns topic. Duh~ Went walk walk to the Sky Garden at the top floor, before settling down at the Pacific Coffee. Though they are still on their very ns topics, but it started to interest me after they brought in the creepy stories in Tekong. Nothing but hair stands and wild imagination. Heez~

I’m too much like a kid, too ren xing. I believe: ‘I control my life’. But it is definitely not this way in reality. I lost the fearless spirit to fight for what i really want. I should have prove you people wrong instead of retreating. My life is under another round of regeneration…