My Weekends

Satuday is a gathering with yimei and chenhui. This is chenhui’s second book out. Rather excited to see him. Same old usual crappy chap who never seem to be worry of anything. Damn lot to catch up, but time is never lenient to us. Touching remarks by chenhui “I never know when exactly we had bond up our relationship. We dun talk much in school.”

Watched Ladder 49 with Lester at GV Grand. We were too early and had to settle in front of the projector screen for a soccer match. Chelsea vs Blackburn. Cool~ The roaring, the high spirit and the squeeziness in the stadium is definitely something i wish i could experience. Both of us are laughing at one of the Chelsea’s players. Wonder how would you pronounce “Lampard”? Ahem~ Not vulgarity… The actual pronounciation is “Land-park”. Hahaha~

Ladder 49… Veri different approach of starting a movie. But some how you will feel more than a story that works on the story-telling style. Dun quite like the ending. Rather snappy. Touching though, but too long and draggy. Funny though but saddness and fear flow. 4 stars out of 5. Hahaha~

Sunday visited that 38. I miss her so much. Too much to catch up as well. Actually, everyone is facing some kind of problems and pressures. But no matter what, after the heavy rain, there is always sunshine. If you are not going to think positive and make yourself strong, you will continue to be weakling. There isn’t any problem that it can’t be solved.

I’m tired and pressurized though… But sleep is my best cure of medicine. Hahaha~ So dun awake me. I will chop you up~ Hahaha~