True Yoga

Had 2 free trial sessions at True Yoga together with my ex-colleague. Nope… I do not have any intention to sign up any packages from them, i noe they will be expensive. And luckily me, they didn’t have time to talk to me yet, but the general manager offers me another free session. You can imagine how they can psycho you after your exhausted lesson.

Anyway, thursday i went for their yoga and friday i went for their combat lesson. They are all my first time. I feel like bursting into laughter when i see everyone’s legs wobbling when attempting to those posture. This yoga lesson is rather serious. Oh my goodness, they are killing me. I don’t think i like yoga very much because they are rather boring.

Friday combat lesson is really fast, sweating and fun. Loud techno music, legs hands punches and kicking help to distress. But it kinda suck to me coz i haf serious problem with left right coordination. 1 left leg kick and 1 right hand punch is enuff to get my limbs entangle.

But the toilet is WHOA~ It does make you feel great like a star – a whole stretch of mirror with hair dryers, cotton butts, tissue provided. I only attempt to take a quick shower on friday. But don’t be surprise seeing women braless, panty-less wrap with towels walking around, changing in front of the lockers. You just gotta get used of this kind of view. Hahaha~