School, Drawings, Books and Presents

Anyway, i thought i had my time-table wrong, nobody is in the lecture theatre where the class is suppose to commerce. Luckily Lester is at home and realise i am 30 minutes earlier than i need to be. Phew~

I hope to start sketching again, so i draw an imaginary character and this nerd in my class with his laptop. Tata~

I had a design book from my colleague, The Advertising Concept Book, as a farewell gift. She shouldn’t have bought me anything (it ain’t my first farewell) but i accept with gratitude. This is a very rare chance one can return to the previous company and work. As usual, she is a great buddy to me. I dun think i work as hard last time but i hope i done my best to sort out the work for her.

I also buy myself a design book, Meggs’ History of Graphic Design. This is my last semester’s course book but i try every bit to save, so i plainly rely on notes taking and powerpoint slides for exams. It is outrageous to find out that PageOne sell this at $150 or $180 while my school sells at $42.80. I bet it is worth while to buy and keep.

And i got presents all the way from Hong Kong Disneyland. Thank you Nana and Steve. I like them! This neighbor is so hard to meet. I only get to see her randomly at causeway custom when going Kukup, and on the eve before she flys to Hong Kong on Orchard Road. We are strange neighbors who dun see each other at home. Hahaha~