Paper Sculpturing Workshop

Paper Sculpturing Workshop
Last Saturday is the most draining workshop i have attended so far. The pop up paper just makes the logics complicated… Below is what i have learnt~

Deboss Template


Emboss Template


Basic Pop Card Structures: Valley & Mountain Folds

Pop Card 01

Pop Card 02

Pop Card 03

“Xi” Wedding Pop Card

Serene and Suqin Birthday
Celebrated both girls birthday in Kbox. It’s been a long time i last visit KTV. Lousy me… The rest of the click gather for dinner at Youth Park 煮炒. Slack through the night at a restaurant in Cineleisure. The milkshake is yummy…

This is the second time i dream Lester die. *Touch wood* And it only happen sleeping in his house. I can’t differentiate what is real when i woke up. So i cried… Losing someone so dearest is such a heart ache.

William So



I need to save money for William So’s concert. That’s provided he comes to Singapore…

Weird Sticky Plants

My dad fetch me home from school today. I found this weird plant sticking tightly onto his shirt. It has tiny fibers hooking to all cloth material. Yeww~ I want to grow this plant!