My Granny

I was angry with my granny yesterday. Recently she had been complaining about her lower back pain. So before i rush out at nite, I want her to go toilet and lie on bed. At least i am at home and i can make sure she dun slip and fall or what. But elderly is sometimes very 铁齿. She dun want! So i just left the house.

But today, my mum admits her to hospital after going to polyclinic. Anyway, just long story… But human body is really complex, especially the older bodies. Back pain may not be due to orthopedics issues, but some intestinal obstructions.

是修来的福分可以在同一个 family. 可能我的外婆不像别人的外婆那么独立, 行动自如, 跟儿孙关系密切, 有说有笑的. She is very 麻烦 at times, dun say i 不孝, but i do hope nothing serious is happening.