First Class Outing

We had our first “effective” class outing with 7 to turn up (class size of 17). Probably this is good for a small start. I don’t want to ever ever get into this obligated feeling to get everyone to participate, it does not feel good. So i am damn lazy to organise anything after poly (unless i miss u ppl very much). Other than further trouble and amendments to time, date and venue to accommodate every single kind soul, i am going to stay out of matter. Moral support for whoever the committee will be adequate effort from me.

Had our dinner at N.Y.D.C., it’s been so long with good food. Caught Monster House at Cineleisure cinema. Thumbs up for the movie. Can’t get used to watching movie with others, except Lester. Weird feeling i discovered that day. Dose off a few seconds in the movie, plain too tired. No choice have to go home immediately after the movie. Hope it is not spoilt sport for the others, personal quality sleep is the ultimate priority over any others.

Miss the poly gang where my comfort zone lies. Hope to meet them during my term break and forgive my busy schedule for the past weeks. A lot of self discipline and attention has to be given to my school work.

Next week tiramisu for ah dear…