Photographers’ Stories Redux

Previously, my photography works are exhibited in AMK’s library for about 2 weeks. This time, it’s a group exhibition with the rest of the photographers in Bugis Central Public Library. The compilation is curated by Chris Yap, forming narratives using our works. People are recommended to visit level 7 then level 8. I’ve uploaded some images to facebook. Feel free to come.

I never thought i have a chance to explore on photography, partly due to no opportunity to own one. Because of one school module (digital darkroom), i start loaning out equipments from school and begin my photographer’s life. This pushes me to conquer the technical handling part of using a camera. Who the hell will let you touch his or her precious camera? I won’t also. Hahaha~

These few studying years have make me a more stubborn person. I don’t easily comply or agree with others, instead i will purposely go against the crowd. Even if i’m wrong, i’ll think i am right. I get very particular into details, almost feel disgusted when things are out of my control. Lester says i have split personalities, an angel (only when asleep) to a demon (most of my time).

Maybe these kind of altitudes work best for a photographer than a graphic designer. Photography is objective ultimately. It is a self-fish representation. The framings, colors and moods are already filtered by the photographer himself, what you see is what he wants you to.