Art Is In The Month

PC Show & World Book Fair
PC Show is so so so so pack. You hardly can walk. Contrast with the Book Fair, I think you can run in the lanes. I got a Complete Collection of Sherlock Holmes fiction book.

Kader’s Birthday
Was late because i can’t finish Kader’s hip hop clothes. Anyway, we celebrated at Ken’s house with him cooking and bbqing at the laundry area. See a number of my friends but ain’t have time to catch up. Just plain tired.

Art Festival
It’s Arts Festival again. Have this sudden urge to go for exhibitions at National Museum. Lalala~ Going this weekend probably.

Royston Tan’s 881
I believe some of you have seen this trailer in cinema. The song damn catchy lah. I want to watch.

Jackie Cheung’s Concert
My dream is fulfilled. I am going to meet him. Thanks darling for travelling all the way up to Tampines to collect tickets.