After watching several lousy trilogies, Zodiac is the best movie i have watched in these 2 months. It’s a true story happened in San Fransisco during the late 1960s. A series of murder cases happen to lonely vehicles straying on the highway in the night.

Anyway, i really slimmed down (for those who are still not convinced). Many has commented on that. And i enjoy these compliments. Shall keep up the good work and fill my life with sweats and fats burning.

I am very disappointed with people in the adults circle. They often make simple things difficult. Trying to organise a gathering for the birthday ex-colleagues, in the end one don’t want to treat that particular birthday person, some not in the click thought it’s a simple makan session, ended up i need to rewrite my email to re-inform it’s a “normal” (on dutch) gathering which makes me look kinda stewpig (like slapping my own mouth). If i have the money, i will throw the money at them.

I believe everyone has some favorite friends and some not-so-favorite ones in a group. But with the amount of rice these adults feed on, it’s really shameful to hear from them the above childish comments. Nonsensical suggestions doesn’t make the situation better. I was looking forward to the gathering, but it just make me furious instead.