Can’t sleep at the moment… So i did a search through the web and randomly read through others’ blogs… …

Many seem to have tangled themselves in the crossroad of love. Came across this site, a guy meeting out with this gal in ikea. Had a lot of fun with her. But ultimately at the end of the day, the guy realised this gal still belongs to somebody else. Read his previous entries, he ton overnite at this gal’s hse. They slept so close to one another (of course without doing any other stuff). And i bet this guy feel being love. But i just ponder over the issue about BODY CONTACTS.

Body contacts~ Something that speaks a lot, just like a picture. Some abuse it. Many can’t resist it. Minority crave for it. I dunno whether ‘high’ or ‘excited’ are the words, but you definitely feel something when you establish this proximity with somebody else.

I often give harsh comments on this issue. To me, many just chuck away the principles and ethics stuff, head straight to what they want. Din they give a thought first? It may not be appropriate for the current relationship. It may cause unecessary misunderstanding. And many ‘it may’~

Obviously, you can define your own right-and-wrong. So long as it justifies the balance rule in u, my criticisms would be xtras.

But sad to say, i belong to the ‘can’t resist’ group. Hahaha~ I always struggle to balance my rule with my principles and ethics. Quite tiring and contradicting~ So far so good, din lost too much of a battle to temptation.