Wake up early in the morning to go back to school. Meet up with Leon regarding printing production. Well, require some of his knowledge on printing. Quite fortunate to join WSC the previous semster. At least i learnt something like: 5Cs by 4Cs, matt lamination, different gsm of the paper, the bleed lines and etc. Thank you Leon for your assistance.

Happen that Leon has to meet up with his first year DMMT students for their GDIT assignment. Man~ I never see my male classmates going to the lecturers for consultation regarding design before. A hardworking bunch of students. Leon introduces me to them, and they turn out to be real innocent and cute.

I was complaining that my account for login computer has been taken off after i graduate. Leon teases them to login the computer for me. Then just a moment later, they call their classmate for his login id and password for me. Damn cute ah~ I was onli joking around. This is why i always find younger guys cuter, sweeter, hen hao pian. So in return, i teach one of them how to use the smooth tool and the dash line thingy. Veri cute people lah~

Leon also showed me around to level 5 labs. Man~ You will definitely envy the present students. T2051 and T2052 are mac labs. Those long stretch of grey computer tables are taken off, replace with slightly lower, a stretch of white plain tables for the flat screens. Windows with curtains, flooring changes to wood. And currently, only 1 batch of students using it. Therefore, they are destinated to 1 person 1 computer. Kao~ See them put their bears, cushions and decorative items by the seats, what have we been doing for the past 3 years? The enivronment is like a design studio man~ Fortunate ones~

Then, T2053 is a drawing studio. Wooden flooring, renovated, veri cozy environment, drawings mounted everywhere on the walls. Now, the DMMT students have to clock 60 hours of drawing lessons with Ahmad and Huey Hoon (a new lecturer). And every Digital Media student (new course intake this july) have to clock 120 hours of drawing lessons with Wendy and another lecturer. Video production in T2055 are using mac computers as well.

Well~ Veri veri envy~