Whoo hoo~ Finally i ended my academic studies and gradute from Diploma in Mutimedia Technology. I shall remember this day, 19th August 2004.

Meet up with my click of frendz for lunch in fc6. I miss the food there. Proceed to the Conventional Hall. It shall be my first and last time there. Everything seems as though it happened so fast. A lot catching up going on throughout the ceremony. And i see many of you~ (^.^)

We take a long time for photo – shooting session. Pictures tell everything. I have pictures with my fyp grp, my clicks and buddies, individual selves and lots more. I shall be proud enuff to say: “You people are my frendz!” Cant bear to part, coz we shall go our separate ways… Will miss you~

Dinner at Holland Village’s Swensen. Gotta have a good treat for ourselves before Lester and Jackey booked in again for the coming field camp. Hahaha~ Huey Juan and Xiu Yu joined us as well. Hmm~ Marvelous…

After which, the click left with me, Laily and Johnson. We headed downtown to Taka’s Coffee Bean. Endless recalling for what we have done, the clicks that once we been with, how we get to noe each other.

Everyone feel special for certain ppl, certain event, certain environment. They formed the memories of one-self. Trying to recall, i will put a smile to every memory i had. Never thought this is what i had wif you people. I’m fortunate… (^.^)