There is this guy who always wait for the No. 97 bus at the jurong east bus stop.

Usually, I will onli get a glimpse of him on my way back home, when I actually alighted. But today seems a little different…

My dad dropped me at the bus stop this morning. I walked all the way from the back of the mama stall to the side. There I spotted him, leaning against the pillar. He is rather a skinny chap, moderately tall, always wearing a maroon polo tee and carrying a haversack on his shoulders. Decent looking I would say.

The very first time he caught my attention was like weeks ago. We took bus No. 176 home.

The bus was real pack and I got real irritated with those kiasu Singaporeans, trying to shift their way in, brushing against my body. He was standing at the back of me. I merely looked at the reflection of the windows, and I saw him looking at me. I stared at the reflection for quite a long bit of time before I decided to roll my eyes somewhere.

Subsequently, I din meet him much along my way to work nor my way back. But at least my reward for today is: I KNOW WHERE HE ALIGHTED! Hahaha~

Today, I purposely go all the way up to the upper deck of the bus, all the way in to the last 2-persons seat, thinking that he may sit in front of me and I shall observe. Nah~ He took the last long bench seat, at the opposite window. Sian~ I can onli secretly bio at the corner of my eyes. Very tiring. Tried my very best not to fall asleep in the bus becoz I will sure rock my head den occasionally bump into the window with a lud ‘bang’.

But hor, I think the scariest part is when I have settled down in the seat, then he walks to my direction, then you dunno where he would choose to sit. Biang a~ My pumping xtra xtra times. Wahaha~