Having a big headache to purchase stock images for the brochure.

I found my resource, Getty Images, for help. Quite friendly helpdesk, benefited real lot from the Sales Executives, Victor and Annie.

However, those images do sum up a lot to the production cost. Get to know that there are 2 category of stock images: Royalty-free images and Rights-managed images. Royalty-free images are cheaper. Once you bought it, you enjoy unlimited usage across different media, with no restriction to the period of your distribution. On the other hand, Rights-managed images you pay for the specific usage specified. Example:

– Over how long are these images will be used?

– If it is a printed media, the amount of print run you are doing?

– The size of the image that will be appearing with respect to the ratio of your paper?

– Your territory of your distribution? Local or worldwide?

– Industry your target audience fall?

And the list goes on~

Received 1 quotation from them… Erm… It shall cost up to SGD$700 for the image i chose. Expensive sial~