Ganasai~ Today my building got fire drill, i forgotten all about it. And my problem is: My company stays at 13th floor. Climb the staircase until i also giddy. Pengz~ But kinda fun. Heez~ We walk all the way to the open carpark 2 streets away to gather. So hot~

My company bought me the Adobe Creative Suite. Haha~ Fortunate liao wor~ Can do anything i want. It was delivered yesterday. Spend the whole afternoon installing and updating my windows service pack. Another half daygone.

Subsequently, i may have to work OT for the brochure, saturday oso need to come back. Dun really like the feeling of bringing office stuff back home, so i rather stay. Pray for me~ Hope i dun see ‘something’ that i shouldn’t. I dun need ‘xtra companion’… Niam~ Niam~ Niam~