Just came back from Banana’s house. Suddenly miss her so much in the morning, and i decided to take my initiative to message her.

Bring my dog along to her house. Haha~ She miss Ah Pi lots. It’s been a long time we last talk. Well~ I remember the last time was during my birthday.

I brought her all those backpack photos to her house, wanting to tell her more. She showed me hers, during the last few semster in poly. Kinda distant… As we no longer communicate with our souls. Instead we let the pictures do the talking.

She used to be my everything… My shadow, my friend, my companion and my family… She is my study mate in poly, even we are from different faculty. Everything lasted as long as the entire year 1 and part of the year 2~ I can hardly remember how things drift each apart.

I’m gulity for the drift,

I’m gulity for not anticipating in your life.

The thought of leaving you a gift or a card secretly,

Has made me imagine the way you looked surprised.

I can never buy you what we have lost,

Neither do i have the ability to bring us back in time.

Perhaps one day,

We can fulfiled what we have committed,

To live with each other side-by-side.

Or perhaps just one day,

You and i,

Will rock our old chairs,

Recalling stories under the bright moonlight.

Receive a real early sms from the camp – Mr Lester Chan… (-.-‘”) He was telling me tat he may ganna guard duty because he signed on the wrong arm squad book.

And me? Today my colleague, Fanny, has her official holidays. My 2 bosses going to KL this afternoon. So i’m left all alone. Jennifer will be back tomorrow while Peter will onli be back after the National Day break.

Blur me~ I left Jennifer’s room keys in Jennifer room. Now that she has locked the room, i have no way to access. Damn~ Tomorrow still need to go Jennifer’s room to backup server. Ganasai… How to go in now huh? Peter locks his room as well. I haven clear his cups… Later got a lot of ants how?

Received the graduation package just yesterday… Sparing my tickets to Laily and Wirna. My parents wont be attending… I think like that better. Dun haf to keep them entertained at all time.

Well~ Just 2 more weeks before the graduation. Could you ppl take the day off and celebrate after the ceremony? (^.^)

Just had my lunch with my dearest colleagues.

Din join in their conversation much during lunch time. Most of the time i’m just listening and then followed by a smile. But today slightly different…

They did ask me if i’m attached. I say ‘Nope’. Well~ They keep on blahing and telling me the legend and myths in the company.

If you joined the company when your status is “attached”, most probably, you will ended up marrying your partner. But den, if your status is “single”… Haha~ You will remain single throughout your service in this company. Man~ So pathetic…. Heez~ Then my company hor, no company couples one leh… Strange enough.

So they say, maybe if one person like me (the freshman) can break the curse, then i shall be credited. Haha~ But within office are all old and married man. Still, the grassland outside are greener. Heez~

But i’m really surprise to find more than 70% of the female population married and has at least 1 kid.

Not much people update their blogs. Very sian sial~ But i manage to read thru some of the past entries each posted and their responses.

You people are damn cute and adorable. So innocent and talk cock. Perhaps, this is a privilegde of living as an student. Love ya~ (^.^)

Watched Brotherhood at GV Plaza. Din expect it to be ‘Selling fast’ after so long. Luckily Lester booked online. 5th row from the front though, but still alright.

Ganasai… I use up the whole of 1 pack of tissue throughout. Cry until like dunno wat… From the start to the end. Becoz i noe wat’s the ending like, so kinda look at the movie differently. I carefully observe how zhang dong jian protects over yuan bin. Kinda aches at times for his spirit to die for his brother. Especially when he went mad at the last stage and became a communist, i realised how much yuan bin meant for himself and the family.

There is bloodshed and chaos in each war. And wars change one personality and perspective of life. You would never know how terrible the situation will be, how trusty one can be as well. I hope none of these days will come.

Dinner at Shima Aji. Gave them a treat after receiving my first pay. Hope everyone enjoyed. But the service is real damn bad. Wonder wat are they doing. We have already showed them our dissatisfaction, yet they din make an effort to take note of our needs. Still those silly mistakes made. Food not served even we ordered and wrote down in black and white. Funny restaurant indeed.

Last chilling out at CitiLink’s Pacific Coffee. Many get tippsy after they ice blended fruit drinks, kinda super talk cock even at the Shima Aji. Well~ This is the way to maintain relax man~ Haha~ But all KO very early as well, i also cannot make it liao.

Talk to Xing Cai when i’m back. He told me about ‘Choco and Nuts’. ‘Choco and Nuts’ are the initial of the 2 gals he get to know. Both are malaysians and are room-mates. Really a duo qing zhong. Forever spreading his love seedlings everywhere. But he goes all the way with what he wants, dun really care wat others comment. To him, relationship is 2 people thingy.

Well~ On my part, i told him my little story. People like me, leave all kinds of emotion on the face. I’m just as transparent as a clear sheet of plastic, no depth, what you see is what you get. Heez~ But certain stuff, it still a better idea to keep to oneself. Just in case you made a wrong move, you wont be penalised and marked down by everyone, and can be easily erased from one’s memory. I think in the perspect of both welfare not onli for my pride and face issue. I think none will love to have a 不被祝福的恋情… …