Just came back from Banana’s house. Suddenly miss her so much in the morning, and i decided to take my initiative to message her.

Bring my dog along to her house. Haha~ She miss Ah Pi lots. It’s been a long time we last talk. Well~ I remember the last time was during my birthday.

I brought her all those backpack photos to her house, wanting to tell her more. She showed me hers, during the last few semster in poly. Kinda distant… As we no longer communicate with our souls. Instead we let the pictures do the talking.

She used to be my everything… My shadow, my friend, my companion and my family… She is my study mate in poly, even we are from different faculty. Everything lasted as long as the entire year 1 and part of the year 2~ I can hardly remember how things drift each apart.

I’m gulity for the drift,

I’m gulity for not anticipating in your life.

The thought of leaving you a gift or a card secretly,

Has made me imagine the way you looked surprised.

I can never buy you what we have lost,

Neither do i have the ability to bring us back in time.

Perhaps one day,

We can fulfiled what we have committed,

To live with each other side-by-side.

Or perhaps just one day,

You and i,

Will rock our old chairs,

Recalling stories under the bright moonlight.