Receive a real early sms from the camp – Mr Lester Chan… (-.-‘”) He was telling me tat he may ganna guard duty because he signed on the wrong arm squad book.

And me? Today my colleague, Fanny, has her official holidays. My 2 bosses going to KL this afternoon. So i’m left all alone. Jennifer will be back tomorrow while Peter will onli be back after the National Day break.

Blur me~ I left Jennifer’s room keys in Jennifer room. Now that she has locked the room, i have no way to access. Damn~ Tomorrow still need to go Jennifer’s room to backup server. Ganasai… How to go in now huh? Peter locks his room as well. I haven clear his cups… Later got a lot of ants how?

Received the graduation package just yesterday… Sparing my tickets to Laily and Wirna. My parents wont be attending… I think like that better. Dun haf to keep them entertained at all time.

Well~ Just 2 more weeks before the graduation. Could you ppl take the day off and celebrate after the ceremony? (^.^)