Just had my lunch with my dearest colleagues.

Din join in their conversation much during lunch time. Most of the time i’m just listening and then followed by a smile. But today slightly different…

They did ask me if i’m attached. I say ‘Nope’. Well~ They keep on blahing and telling me the legend and myths in the company.

If you joined the company when your status is “attached”, most probably, you will ended up marrying your partner. But den, if your status is “single”… Haha~ You will remain single throughout your service in this company. Man~ So pathetic…. Heez~ Then my company hor, no company couples one leh… Strange enough.

So they say, maybe if one person like me (the freshman) can break the curse, then i shall be credited. Haha~ But within office are all old and married man. Still, the grassland outside are greener. Heez~

But i’m really surprise to find more than 70% of the female population married and has at least 1 kid.