There is this guy who always wait for the No. 97 bus at the jurong east bus stop.

Usually, I will onli get a glimpse of him on my way back home, when I actually alighted. But today seems a little different…

My dad dropped me at the bus stop this morning. I walked all the way from the back of the mama stall to the side. There I spotted him, leaning against the pillar. He is rather a skinny chap, moderately tall, always wearing a maroon polo tee and carrying a haversack on his shoulders. Decent looking I would say.

The very first time he caught my attention was like weeks ago. We took bus No. 176 home.

The bus was real pack and I got real irritated with those kiasu Singaporeans, trying to shift their way in, brushing against my body. He was standing at the back of me. I merely looked at the reflection of the windows, and I saw him looking at me. I stared at the reflection for quite a long bit of time before I decided to roll my eyes somewhere.

Subsequently, I din meet him much along my way to work nor my way back. But at least my reward for today is: I KNOW WHERE HE ALIGHTED! Hahaha~

Today, I purposely go all the way up to the upper deck of the bus, all the way in to the last 2-persons seat, thinking that he may sit in front of me and I shall observe. Nah~ He took the last long bench seat, at the opposite window. Sian~ I can onli secretly bio at the corner of my eyes. Very tiring. Tried my very best not to fall asleep in the bus becoz I will sure rock my head den occasionally bump into the window with a lud ‘bang’.

But hor, I think the scariest part is when I have settled down in the seat, then he walks to my direction, then you dunno where he would choose to sit. Biang a~ My pumping xtra xtra times. Wahaha~

Yesterday was quite a happy day for me. Coz my company choose my design over what were provided by the other advertising companys. Another thing was that i finally got approval to buy the Adobe softwares needed. I bet they are amazed with what the softwares can do instead of what i can provide. Haha~ But my worries come in as well… Duh~ (-.-‘”) I think i need to get down to do my work seriously. Time is running out.

Jennifer lent me her blazier. She just took it off from her shoulders and let me try on. Today, she brought it in with a hanger and the plastic cover for me. Thank you so much… (^.^)

Started my day shopping with my mates in orchard for some graduation clothing. So ma fan… In the end, i got nothing but a pair of sandals.

Bump into Weijyh and Alvin on the way. I think i slap you real hard on your shoulder. But i need to defend myself, this is my very own way to xpress my excitement when i see you. Wahaha~ And your bright red tees, damn catchy. I wont be wrong to hit on the wrong person. Heez~ Anyway, you just “scanned” me off, so i ought to gif you xtra treatment for that.

Catch Catwoman wif the Jackey, Lester and Serene. Hallie Berry is damn sexy. I like her short hair. And her butt… Tat’s definitely a firm one. And her whip. Piak~ As for the movie, simple plot, but is enuff to carry the moive to the end. Quite a few funny scenes, you will just laughed. Always think that there is a possiblity for a sequel to be coming up. We shall see…

Dinner at Cartel and N.Y.D.C.. Fulling… But my mood pulls me down from enjoying what i suppose to yesterday. Well~ Misunderstanding actually. I’m sorry~ And sorry for the cold shoulders…

Reformated my computer yesterday nite. Watched Korea vs Mexico(though i fall asleep after the second half)… Whoo hoo~ Korea won! My number 9 – Lee Chun Soo~ Cute one…

Lee Choon Soo

You are a down to core bastard… …

Don’t try to act smart in front of me. Don’t EVER even try to perform all your acting stunts to me. Let me tell you this: YOUR ACTING CANNOT MAKE IT! IT’S A TOTAL CRAP~ I bet you noe that i haf discovered your plot. And your acting just made me more sickening. I’m laughing loudly when you tried to cover up for yourself, creating unecessary evidences which doesn’t match the scene, the dialogue of your casts.

I hate people who lied. I mean since you haf the intention to, den DON’T EVER let me haf the chance to find out the truth. If you still can’t, please go and polish up your acting skills, the arts of lieing and try them again the next time. Those that I see through you even before you finish your nonsense, YOU ARE THE WORST AMONG ALL. I won’t stood up and tell you “Eh~ You are lieing leh…” But i will stab you harder when i could. There will just be someone out there to punish you. Perhaps, God will…

不问自取, 视为 “偷” 啊~ 你几岁了?

Yesterday’s gathering is small yet cozy. We shared lots of sweet backpack memories and recent hot topics. Personally appreciated the time together. We may not be able to haf much of these good and carefree days, but we can cherish what we have and what we can do now.

Hope we dont have to wait till that long to meet up again. Take care people, especially mr peh…

While the gals, we haf endless stuff to carry on. Bus traveling time doesn’t seem to be enuff for one to finish up what one intends. But never mind, we will have the opportunity to. Don’t get too troubled. Problems are meant to be created but ultimately solved. (^.^)

Being tied down by what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s ethical and what’s not, what’s fair and what’s comparative, how i reprimand others and how i should reflect… Full of ethics and principles… I dun want to haf a chance to say sorry nor feel gulity for what i have done.

Planned to take half day leave initially. But then,my colleague who is supposed to be back from Japan intend not to come back to work until tml. So, i haf to stay in the office to answer their phone calls most of the time.

And surprisingly, she is back after lunch hour to settle Peter’s accomodation to KL. Heez~

Later in the evening will be meeting out with the gang. Hope to see them and that stupid bong soon… (^.^)

I noe i sound sugu~ But my guy-to-be neber appear leh… Dunno where he runs to?! Must be to a wrong gal’s dream. Ben dan~ Wahaha~

I Can Call Him Mine – Tata Young

It was only a matter of time

Before I got tired of your way

I tried to make you fire,

But you were only ice

And you didn’t seem to wanna change

So then I looked at someone new

And he was looking back at me too

Saw that I was hurt

Knew just what to say

Knew just how to push the pain away

You know I need stability

And you know you can’t give it to me


My sun may never rise the way it did with you

And he may never kiss me the way that you’d do

But at least he makes me feel like a part of his life

At least he doesn’t make me cry

I know I can call him mine

Though when I call him on the phone

I never feel butterflies

I know that I can trust

He’ll always give me love

And I know mine will grow for him in time

He tells me that I’m beautiful

And I never ever heard that from you

He doesn’t cause me pain

Tears falling like the rain

And though I’m still in love with you

You know I need stability


It wasn’t easy letting go but I know I had to think of the long run and say goodbye

And find someone who appreciates me even though even though… …

My sun may never rise the way it did with you

And he may never ever kiss me the way that you’d do, that you’d do… …


The sun may never rise again like it did with you

And he may never ever kiss me the way you’d do

But at least he makes me feel like I’m a part of his life

He doesn’t make me cry

Doesn’t make me cry

He doesn’t make me cry

I know I can call him mine

Woken up from a damn sweet dream… I just lay flat on my bed for the next 2 hours thinking all about it. Feel as though i’m the happiest woman in the whole world.

Dream of my guy-to-be. I cannt see the face, but i noe who he is. Because he has never treat me like this in the real world, i treasure the moment wif him in my dream. Feel being loved and protected…

It’s good to be in dream. A place where you say what you dun dare to, a place where you do things you are not allowed to.

See you tonight in my dream… Heez~

It’s often pleasant to let people noe that he/she is appreciated, or he/she has made a little difference in your life. I feel ‘appreciated’ by 2 people today. Thank you… (n.n) I’m deeply touched.

See here

Friday was a gathering with my ITP company. Man~ Not much change among the ex-colleagues. So much so, we still talk as much as we do in the past. They never fail to keep us entertained. Great gathering i would say~

Just finished the movie, The Village, with Lester. Eh~ More of a suspense and thriller than a horror movie. The twist is excellent. And you only noe what’s actually going on at the last 10min of the show. But when you noe what has actually happened, i think you will go wif a big “HUH?!” Shan’t talk too much, just in case some wanted to watch it.

Ended my weekend real early… Shall be turning in early…